Social Media, or social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest), are a very important part of the web today. All internet users almost, are registered in one or more of them, which are an important part of their daily life. So, your corporate presence in Social Media is now necessary, as they are a perfect way for direct communication and promotion to your customers.

Via social networks, you can reach your target audience in which you are interested, without significant cost. Promotion in Social Media, is a good opportunity to pump new potential customers! Likes and shares from your existing customers, are a very good free advertisement for you. On the other hand, you can investigate whether you need to proceed with paid (boosted) posts/ads, promoting even more targeted and aggressive your posts.

Your presence on Social Media must be continuous, dynamic and targeted, which requires you to spend many time daily in planning and creating your posts, in combination of analyzing the trends of your followers.

Trabica provides to you complete solutions for organizing and promoting your social networks. In cooperation with you, we create a plan, according to which we will work to achieve your best promotion. The aim is to increase the audience that follows you and interact with your posts, which will become your new customers and indirectly advertisers!