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Web development is definitely a big step for your promotion, but it isn't enough to simply be online. People should easily find your website, when they are looking for something related to your content. To do this, your website needs to appear high in the search engines, as close as possible to the first results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is responsible to all those factors and actions that affect ranking of a website in search engines. Through optimization (SEO) of your website, we create all those perfect conditions needed to reach high rankings on search engines.

It takes time a website to be visible on all search engines. In the first period when a site is published, a user can not find it through a search, unless he knows and directly enter the URL of your website.

During the construction of your website, we apply in Trabica the basic SEO. So, we create the foundations for a search engine friendly website, which complies with all new standards of Google. This way, your website will have all the guarantees for a good ranking. Also, we take care to immediately register your site in the major search engines, in order to reduce the time required for it's appearance.

Beyond the basic SEO, which we apply to our own constructed websites, we offer to everyone the full optimization service, in which we perform all actions required for a complete SEO.

The aim of full SEO, is the appearance of your website in the top results of search engines for specific keyword phrases, which we will choose together. We are at your disposal to organize your targeting strategy, in order to increase your visitors and potential clients!