Our goal is to achieve the purposes of our customers and make them feel full satisfaction from our work. So, we work step by step with you, to achieve the best result. The steps which we follow for creating your website are shown below.

Project Analysis

Our client analyzes the scope of his work or idea, as well as the objectives he wants to achieve. So, when we know all facts and requirements of each project, we can recommend the appropriate mechanism and the best way for the implementation of his website or online shop.

Categories - Functions - Projects

Depending on the object, we form together with our customer the categories of the website. Also, we analyze the data, the desired functions and color preferences. Then we recommend some samples for the website's template. Thus, the client can choose the design he likes for his website.

Material Collection

Before starting the construction of the website, it is necessary to have the material of the enterprise's object, such as texts, photos, logo and other informations. These should be send to us, by the customer in digital form. Do not worry, we will give you instructions for the material we need and it's figure.

Website Construction

We proceed to the development of the website, according to the planning which has been done. We test the website in different browsers to solve any problems and differences in the display. Also, we test it on standard resolutions and on different devices (smartphone, iphone, tablet), to ensure the right appearance everywhere. Then, we show to the customer the website and we make any wanted changes.

Website Optimization

Our last step is a basic optimization for search engines (SEO), as well as to improve the loading speed of the website. We attend the site to meet latest standards of Google, so to be friendly to search engines and achieve a good ranking in search results. Also, in combination with our hosting service, we do all necessary actions, so that webpages load very quick on all devices.