eu cookie law

Many websites display a message about cookies, which are dictated by European legislation for the EU website visitors. Its purpose is to protect personal data οn internet and inform visitors about personal informations, that are collected by each website.

By law, when a website is based in the EU, it must notify users that uses cookies (the most website use them). Also, it has to justify the purpose of their use and ask the user's permission to create cookies in the system.

Some examples of cookies operations are, statistics collection from Google Analytics and Adwards, member's connection in forums or e-Shops and other services like user's choices storage.

This law addresses all websites established in the European Union, regardless of their size, which must respect it. When a website does not comply, penalties are imposed and thus some fines. In 2013, for some Spanish websites overall fines reached the amount of 5000 euros.

Do you give cookies to your customers? If you don't, contact with our technicians to cook a specific for you!